New Contact Tracing Data: First 200 Cases of COVID-19 Santa Clara County

Heluna Health’s partner, Santa Clara County Department of Public Health recently published new epidemiologic data from COVID-19 case investigations and contact tracing for the first 200 cases in Santa Clara County, California in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal.


In January 2020, Santa Clara County, California began identifying laboratory-confirmed coronavirus disease among residents. County staff conducted case and contact investigations focused on households and collected detailed case demographic, occupation, exposure, and outcome information. We describe the first 200 test-positive cases during January 31–March 20, 2020, to inform future case and contact investigations. Probable infection sources included community transmission (104 cases), known close contact with a confirmed case-patient (66 cases), and travel (30 cases). Disease patterns across race and ethnicity, occupational, and household factors suggested multiple infection risk factors. Disproportionately high percentages of case-patients from racial and ethnic subgroups worked outside the home (Hispanic [86%] and Filipino [100%]); household transmission was more common among persons from Vietnam (53%). Even with the few initial cases, detailed case and contact investigations of household contacts capturing occupational and disaggregated race and ethnicity data helped identify at-risk groups and focused solutions for disease control.

Access to full article here>> Ortiz N, Villarino E, Lee JT, et al. Epidemiologic Findings from Case Investigations and Contact Tracing for First 200 Cases of Coronavirus Disease, Santa Clara County, California, USA. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2021;27(5):1301-1308. doi:10.3201/eid2705.204876.